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For those of you from foreign countries, who would like to expect a guided tour here in Nara, we offer opportunities to meet with your interests, thanks to ‘Nara Guide Club, herein ’ NGC’’, an NPO volunteer guide club.

Should you find it of your interest, please proceed with the following form.




  • Please complete and submit the following form.
  • Booking available: Four days in advance to the tour date. *Earlier applications are highly appreciated
  • Upon acknowledgement of the request, `NGC' will inform you of details of the plans for the day via an e-mail.
  • `NGC', a volunteer guide club provides services with free of charge.
    However, please note that transportation fees for the tour and meal expenses for a guide/guides, if any, should be covered by the guests.
  • The guided tour of the day starts from the PIAZZA hotel lobby at 10:00 a.m. The guide course is originally centered on the Nara Park and local vicinities, but you are able to discuss with the guide/(s) on site for possible changes.
  • `NGC' cannot be held responsible for the loss caused by accidents to the guests during the tour and damages to any facilities on the route that the guests are liable to. We recommend you to arrange your own Travel Insurance in advance.
  • In case of cancellation, please inform them by two days before the scheduled date.
  • Your request might not be fulfilled if they are fully occupied. We ask for your understanding in advance, should such an occurrence happen.
    * Unless you receive a reply (from `NGC'), it is highly likely that an incorrect e-mail address was submitted or some system failures occurred. In such a case, please try it again. In addition, same errors could also happen when it is set on reception refusal or the spam mail control.



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